Amphiprion fuscocaudatus

Common Name: Mauritian Anemonefish

Scientific Name: Amphiprion fuscocaudatus Allen 1972

Distribution: Seychelles (Mahé and Farquhar) and Aldabra. 

Type Locality: Beacon Island, off Port Victoria, Seychelles

Identification: Three stripes. Body mostly black, yellow restricted to the region surrounding the pelvic fins and mouth. Dorsal fin black; the white pattern of the middle stripe extends into the soft dorsal fin. Caudal fin rays black, surrounded by a clear membrane. Pectoral fins yellow, with the outer edge clear. Pelvic and anal fins yellow.

Similar: Closest to Amphiprion chrysogaster, but easily told apart by the yellow anal fin and the different appearance of the dorsal and caudal fins.

Notes: The precise distribution of this species is not fully known in the east, with the anemonefish fauna of Coëtivy Island, Agaléga, Tromelin Island and the shoals of the Mascarene Plateau (St. Brandon, Nazareth, Saya de Malha) entirely unknown. These reefs may be home to either this species or A. chrysogaster… or perhaps even a new species endemic to these poorly studied regions.

Mostly reported as hosting in Stichodactyla carpet anemones, but can be seen here in the Long Tentacle Anemone (Condylactis doreensis) and likely can be found in just about any host species within its range.

This is one of the most distinctive anemonefishes yet to have been collected for the aquarium trade.