Amphiprion ocellaris

Common Name: Western Ocellaris Clownfish

Scientific Name: Amphiprion ocellaris Cuvier, 1830

Distribution: Andaman Sea and Western Sumatra, possibly south to Bali

Type Locality: Sumatra, Indonesia

Identification: Modally 11 dorsal fin spines; dorsal fin proportionally taller, height 2.1-2.9 in head length. Stripes typically with little black along margins.

Similar: Indistinguishable from A. cf ocellaris in the Pacific Ocean, differing more in genetics than appearance. Amphiprion percula is best separated by the dorsal fin characters.

Notes: This fish is genetically distinct from the Indonesian A. cf ocellaris (Timm et al 2008). The type locality is listed as Sumatra, and, since Southern Sumatra is likely to have both the Pacific and Indian Ocean populations present, it is difficult to know which region corresponds to the original description. More study is needed and new lectotypes will be needed if this group is subdivided.